Local decision making

From term loans to lines of credit, our Guaranty Bank local team members are here to help Colorado business owners like you grow and prosper. By getting to know you and building a long-lasting relationship, we help you meet the short- and long-term financial goals and objectives you've set for your business.

Term Loans

Standard commercial term loans that Colorado business owners can use to:

  • Obtain long-term financing for permanent working capital
  • Purchase fixed assets including new and used equipment
  • Finance other major investments
  • Expand or acquire a new business  

Revolving Lines of Credit

Used to finance inventory and accounts receivable.
A revolving line of credit offers businesses: 

  • Working capital financing
  • Better management and cash flow control
  • Liquidity to support the management of day-to-day operations
  • Support during periods of growth and seasonal fluctuations
  • Flexibility within the terms of the line
  • Options to finance inventory purchases

Owner-Occupied Real Estate

Long-term financing for business owners to build, acquire or refinance real estate.
Our financing allows owner-occupiers to: 

  • Build a new location for their business 
  • Acquire a new location for their business
  • Refinance an existing commercial real estate loan
  • Accumulate equity in commercial real estate independently of their business

Small Business

Special financing solutions for businesses with under $1 million in revenue.

  • Loans and lines of credit
  • A Small Business line of credit can also use your primary residence, secondary residence or rental real estate as collateral. 

Equipment Financing

From leasing to secured loans, let us help your business grow. 
Equipment finance options for your business: 

  • Fixed purchase option leases
  • TRAC leases for titled equipment
  • Secured loans
  • First amendment leases
  • Fair market value leases (FMV)

Letters of Credit

Used to help your business safely and securely settle major financial transactions.

Commercial Letters of Credit or Standby Letters of Credit issued by Guaranty Bank can be used to:

  • Finance the sale and movement of goods
  • Provide enhancement for a financial or performance obligation
  • Help facilitate long distance and international business financial transactions

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