Cash Optimization and Sweep Products


With Account Analysis, your business receives a detailed monthly statement that itemizes the services you use, volumes processed for each service, and charges incurred. The Account Analysis also applies an earnings credit to your account balances that can offset charges for bank services. The earnings credit is calculated by applying the bank’s monthly Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) to your aggregate average collected balances.

Account Analysis can be applied to a single account or to a group of accounts, giving you insight into services you use and the balances you need to cover service fees at the account and service levels. Monthly settlement periods provide one fee total for services used on one or all accounts so that customers who use multiple transaction accounts to manage their businesses can maximize their earnings credits for all accounts.

Zero Balance Account

Concentrate your company’s funds in a primary account while automatically funding sub-accounts. Ideal for any company that wants to maintain multiple disbursement accounts, but manage cash flow through a single “master” account. By utilizing our Zero Balance service you can reduce excess cash balances and put your funds to more productive and profitable use in an automated environment.

Cash Sweep

Our Cash Sweep Account allows you to automatically invest excess collected balances to maximize investment earnings, with the flexibility of setting a target balance to offset any service charges and maximize interest. Combine the advantages of a business checking account with the ease of an automated overnight investment feature.

Loan Sweep

Automatically advances on or pays down your revolving line of credit to either cover disbursements or invest excess collected funds.

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