Fraud Protection

Guaranty Bank and Trust Company offers effective anti-fraud tools.

  • Check fraud costs U.S. businesses and banks billions of dollars a year.
  • A million fraudulent checks are presented for payment everyday!

Let us help you keep your money safe with options.

ACH filter

Electronic payments are becoming more widely used.  With increased usage comes an increase in ACH fraud.  Our  ACH Filter service helps protect your accounts from unauthorized electronic debits.  ACH Filter is an inexpensive and simple way to prevent unauthorized electronic transactions and permit acceptable ones.  You tell us which electronic transactions are allowed to pay against your account, or block all of the electronic debits to your account; it’s that easy!

IronKey Trusted Access

IronKey Trusted Access provides a safe environment for conducting online business banking by utilizing a portable USB device to store a tamper-proof virtual environment that runs completely separate of other applications on a computer. Trusted Access has a hardened browser that allows a connection to the Guaranty Bank website through a secured tunnel that helps to keep banking safe, even if a computer is compromised by a virus. Malware can not tamper with the browser or redirect to a fraudulent or counterfeit site (man-in-the-browser attack), and anti-fraud technology secures input from the keyboard so malware can not log keystrokes. The device is "read only" so criminals cannot alter the device.

Positive Pay

Reduce the risk of fraud with our Positive Pay service.  With Positive Pay, you simply upload a check file every time you issue checks; or manually enter your checks into our Guaranty Access for Business online banking system. We’ll match your issued checks against checks presented for payment, and let you decide whether to pay or return those that do not match.

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