Chip Cards

Chip Card Technology


Your new Visa® Debit Card: 
Get big protection in a tiny chip

Your Guaranty Bank Visa® Debit Card now features an embedded chip that improves security every time you make purchases at a chip-activated terminal.

Receive enhanced fraud protection with chip technology. This tiny chip protects you from fraud by creating a one-time use code for each chip transaction. This code helps reduce in-store fraud.

Easy to use. Simply swipe your card like you do today. However, if a chip-activated terminal is available, insert your card instead and follow the prompts.

Enjoy global acceptance. Chip-activated terminals are coming to certain U.S. retailers this year – and more locations in the years to come. Whether you check out using chip technology or swipe your card, you can pay with confidence worldwide – wherever Visa Debit Cards are accepted.

Answers to frequently asked questions about your new Visa Debit Card

Q: Why am I receiving a new debit card? 
A: Your card now includes chip technology. You’ll enjoy global acceptance plus an enhanced level of security. 

Q: How does chip technology protect my information? 

A: Every time you use your card at a chip-activated terminal, the embedded chip generates a one-time use code. This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps reduce in-store fraud. 
Q: What should I do with my existing Guaranty Bank Visa Debit Card? 

A: Once you activate your new card, please destroy your existing card for security reasons. 

Q: Where can I use my chip card? 
A: You can use your card at millions of places that accept Visa Debit Cards, at home and around the world. 

Q: Can I still swipe my card to pay? 
A: Yes. If a merchant is not yet chip-activated, simply swipe your card and enter your PIN. Or select CREDIT and sign for your purchase, if necessary. 

Q: Does my chip card work at the ATM? 
A: Yes. You can still use your card to get cash, check your balance and more. Insert your card and follow the prompts on the screen. 

Q: Has my card information changed? 
A: For your convenience, your card number has not changed. Your card may have a new expiration date, so be sure to update your information with billers that charge your card regularly. 

Q: Has my PIN changed? 
A: No. You can still use the same PIN with your new card. 

Q: Will I have to pay any fees to use my chip card? 
A: No. There are no additional fees to use your new debit card.

To report a lost or stolen Guaranty Bank ATM or debit card call: 800-500-1044.
To report a lost or stolen Guaranty Bank credit card call: 800-558-3424.

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