Common questions about our Mobile Banking solutions

General Questions
  • How much does this service cost?

    There is currently no charge associated with the service. However, there may be charges associated with text messaging and data usage on your phone. Check with your wireless phone carrier for more information.

  • Is it secure?

    Yes, the mobile banking service utilizes best practices from online banking, such as HTTPS, 128-bit SSL encryption, PIN, or password access and application time-out when your phone is not in use. Only the phones that you personally enroll in the service can access your accounts. In addition, no account data is ever stored on your phone. And in the event your phone is lost or stolen, the service can be immediately disabled by either going online to the Mobile Banking enrollment website or calling us.

  • Which wireless carriers are supported?

    We support all the popular US wireless phone carriers. If your carrier is not listed when you enroll, select 'Other' and try the Mobile Web option, or check back later, as new carriers will be added over time.

  • Do I need a text message or data plan?

    Yes, a text messaging and/or data plan is typically needed, as data usage can become expensive without them. Please check with your wireless carrier for more information.

  • I'm not enrolled for online banking. Can I still use this?

    You must first enable your bank account(s) for online banking before using mobile.

Text Banking
  • Can I use both Text Banking and Mobile Banking on my phone?

    Yes, you can use both options from the same phone. To do so you will need to activate each option on your phone prior to use.

  • Is Text Banking supported on my phone?

    Text Banking will work on any text message (SMS) capable phone from one of our supported carriers.

  • Will I receive unsolicited text messages?

    No. You will only receive messages when you specifically request them with one of the Text Banking commands or if you subscribe to Mobile Alerts.

  • What are the Text Banking commands?






    Summary of available balances for all accounts



    Summary of recent transactions per account



    List of available Text Banking commands



    Help content for Text Banking



    Receive a URL for the Guaranty Bank Mobile Browser website



    Receive a URL and new activation code for the Guaranty Bank Mobile Browser web site



    De-activate all Guaranty Bank text services

    NOTE: You can check for additional available commands by activating your phone and sending C to 79680.

Mobile Banking
  • How do I access Mobile Banking on my phone's browser?

    After successful activation, your phone will receive a text message with the Guaranty Bank Mobile Banking URL. Click here to visit the Mobile Banking URL.

  • How do I sign up for Mobile Banking?

    Sign in to Online Banking on your computer and choose the administration tab and then the Mobile Banking option. Enroll your mobile phone and follow the activation instructions.

  • I activated Mobile Banking on my phone's browser. Why am I being asked to activate again?

    At the time of activation, a "cookie" is stored on your phone's browser which allows the Mobile Banking system to remember that you activated. Some phones may require you to enable cookies or periodically erase them, requiring re-activation. If you are experiencing this issue, check your phone settings to ensure that cookies are enabled. If enabled and the issue persists, consider using an alternative mobile web browser with strong cookie support, such as Opera Mini (which can be found by visiting on your phone's browser).

  • How do I optimize my mobile web experience?

    Ensure your phone's browser has cookies enabled. In addition, enable stylesheets for the best viewing experience.

  • How do I navigate Mobile Banking links with my phone's browser?

    There are two easy ways to navigate links. You can either click on the link or enter the associated "accelerator key" number. Just type the number to quickly navigate to the link's destination. Accelerator key numbers appear next to many, but not all of the content links.

  • Is Guaranty Bank Mobile Banking supported on my phone?

    Mobile Banking is supported on most phones with a mobile web browser that supports cookies. In addition, the downloadable application is supported on many smartphones.

  • How do I install the downloadable application?
    • Your phone will receive a text message from 79680. Select to view (or open) the message (you can also view it later by going to your phone's text message inbox).
    • Select the URL link – – in the text message. This is typically done by selecting a command on your phone's menu, such as "Connect" or "Go To."
    • You will then be brought to a page with a Download link. Click this link to download the application.
    • When finished, you will be notified that the download completed.
    • After launching the application for the first time, you may be asked to give permission to access the data network. You will need to grant permission in order to proceed.
  • If I make a deposit this morning, when will my account be credited?

    Deposits must be reviewed by 4:00 pm MT in order to be eligible for credit to your account the next business day. Funds may not be available for immediate withdrawal. Funds are generally available by opening of business on the day following deposit, however we reserve the right to place a hold on your item and to place limits on the amount you may deposit.

  • Do I have to endorse the back of the check?

    Yes, before your check deposit can be accepted, endorse the bank of your check as follows:

    • For Deposit Only
    • Guaranty Bank and Trust
    • Your Signature

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