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Put your wealth management strategies in place with Guaranty Bank as your trustee.  We implement your estate plan by working closely with you and your beneficiaries. Please call our Trust Department at (303) 774-2995 for more information.

Below are some of the types of personal trusts that our Colorado team can help you manage and oversee:

 Revocable Trusts          

  • Quicker, more efficient estate settlement
  • Privacy
  • Disability planning
  • Useful for individuals whose goals include avoiding probate and public scrutiny

 Irrevocable Trusts    

  • Protects inherited family wealth for financially inexperienced family members
  • Possible estate tax savings for the surviving spouse
  • The bank acts as an impartial, professional trustee
  • Appropriate whenever you want to leave someone assets without the burden of management

 Charitable Trusts

  • Created for charitable, religious, educational, or scientific purposes
  • A Scholarship Fund or Foundation can be established to carry on your legacy
  • Endowment Funds professionally managed by Guaranty Bank to enrich your community
  • Guaranty Bank acts as trustee for charitable trusts created as a part of your gift planning

Special Needs Trusts

Specialized provisions of this trust ensure that beneficiaries who are disabled can enjoy the use of property which is intended to be held for their benefit, without losing eligibility for public assistance or other government benefits. Guaranty Bank works closely with beneficiaries and their representatives to meet their objectives, while staying within all specified guidelines. Assets are protected and actively managed by experienced trust professionals, and detailed accountings are produced.

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